Story Behind The Song

This was inspired by a late night re-run of a crime drama episode

Song Description

Someone on life support asking to have the plug pulled and be let go from this world

Song Length 4:01 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Progressive Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Restless
Subject Life, Existence Language English
Era 2000 and later


I can hear the rain falling down
And I can feel your pain all around
But I can see what you can't see
This is not what's best for me
And I have got to let you know

I feel the ocean tide pulling me
There's a disease inside killing me
You've got to let my spirit fly
And I know you can't ask why
But you have got to let me go

I am trapped - and you keep me tied
to this world and I've been denied
my choice You see I'm already gone
Can't you let my spirit move on?

I can see the white closing in
It's time for my new life to begin
You've got to let my spirit fly
I am not afraid to die
And now it's time to let me go

Lyrics Margo Tiedt Music Margo Tiedt
Publisher Margo Tiedt Performance Margo Tiedt
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