Della Reed

Story Behind The Song

It seems funny that most of us in this culture know very little about our great grandparents or earlier generations. Unfortunately, by the time we realize what we don't knw it's too late to find out.

Song Description

A song to my great grandmother...wondering about who she really was and what her life was like.

Song Length 4:38 Genre Folk - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Engaging, Cheerful Subject Healing, Femininity
Language English Era 2000 and later


Della Reed
By Maren Orion

I found your picture in a book my mother gave me
The caption underneath said that your name was Della Reed
Grandmother to my mother, Born in Liverpool
You sailed across the ocean, Della Reed

Della Reed what were your stories, Della Reed what were your dreams
Your blood it flows inside me and strange as it may seem

I know so little about you. How I wish I could
Go back in time to meet you Della Reed
A farm outside Topeka became your family?s home
And there you made your living squeezing water from a stone
I wonder what you thought about that endless sea of grass
And the endless sky above you, Della reed

My Great aunts were your daughters, I remember to this day
Grandma was Mary Ethel, then there was Aunt Corinne and Natalie May
Homer Henry was your son, you had another daughter, Kay
But I forgot to ask about you Della Reed

Gazing at your picture in the photograph book
There is something so familiar about the way that you look
There?s my mother?s eyes, There?s my daughters chin
You live on inside us ,Della Reed

All songs © 2001
Maren Orion
Milagro Music Recordings
All Rights Reserved

Lyrics Maren Orion Music Maren Orion
Producer Maren Orion and Rick Stockton Publisher Maren Orion
Performance Valley West Studio Label Milagro Music Productions
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