Please Say You Do

Song Description

This is about meeting someone and having the feeling you were meant to experience something deeper together yet you feel afraid, wondering if they feel the same.

Song Length 5:39 Genre Jazz - Fusion, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Enchanting, Charming Subject Falling in Love, Love at First Sight
Similar Artists Anita Baker, Phyllis Hyman Language English
Era 2000 and later



Visions playing in my mind like
re-runs that you see late at night
How we met, the way you smiled,
What you said, how it felt so right
When I saw you, time stood still
I could swear it was love at first sight
I don?t know if I can trust my feelings
this time, oh, this time

So I?m wishing on a shooting star
that you feel it too,
Please say you do

Every time I see you I keep hoping
Oh, let this be the day
Someone?s got to make a move,
we just can?t continue this way
Do you need love like I do?
Holding out for that one love that?s true
Do you think that when it?s meant to be
you just know, you just know

And I?m wishing on a shooting star
That you feel it too,
Please say you do

~Guitar Solo~

Looking everywhere for a sign
Something to show that you care
Tell me that you care
And when you?re standing close to me
I want to say things I do not dare
Look in my eyes, can?t you see?
Deep inside, is our love?s destiny
I can?t wait, let?s make forever
Start with right now, ooh, right now

I?m wishing
I?m wishing on a shooting star
that you feel it too
Please say you do

© 2000 Mala Waldron/Kershani Music

Lyrics Mala Waldron Music Mala Waldron
Producer Tom Mitchell Publisher Mala Waldron Music
Performance Mala Waldron (piano, vocals), Beldon Bullock (bass), Gene Jackson (dms), Steve Salerno (gtr), Roger Byam (sax)

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