Story Behind The Song

Temptation is around the corner, and some are good and some are not. You pick.

Song Description

Temptation is in all of us. It just depends how we deal with it.

Song Length 2:33 Genre Pop - Electro, Electronic - Industrial
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Ecstatic, Welcoming
Similar Artists Mindless Self Indulgence Era 2000 and later

Interesting from the outset. Different gets my attention every time. I score a lot of tunes fairly highly on originality but this type of tune really IS original. A bit like Army of Me by Bjork which blew me away when I first hard that incredible tune!

I like the instrumentation. I think the sounds have been well chosen, particularly the percussion and bass. The tune has an industrial feel, which works well. Great sound quality.

Sounds like special effects for a film.

That pulse keeps things interesting throughout. Reminds me of the early years of dance music. Keep it up sure!

Music Marty Philibert Producer Marty Philibert
Publisher Marty Philibert Performance Marty Philibert
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