Sea Nomad

Story Behind The Song

I take my holidays in the west of Ireland and love the sea - when i drive or tour and i see a lovely beach... i'm right on it and in the water. I love the cleansing way in which the tidal flow removes the past and heralds the future. I find this very s

Song Description

A perspective of a Sea Nomad... who travels to become one with the Ocean wherever and whenever.

Song Length 4:16 Genre Folk - Contemporary, World - Celtic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Affable Subject Ocean, Sea, Healing
Similar Artists Bob Dylan, Garth Brooks Language English
Era 2000 and later


I am a sea nomad ? Ludwig O?Neill © 2006 ludwigsongs

I am a sea nomad? it?s true
I love the surf, the spray and you
I love the way it wets your skin
I yearn to watch when you dive in

The surf that breaks the lonely strand
Incoming tide scars virgin sand
stars shine on a midnight swim
naked as we?re plunging in
naked as we?re plunging in

I am a sea nomad? I know
In dreams my favoured place to go
The wettest, wildest passion thrill
Intense excitement can instil

Standing tall atop a wave
king of all so proud and brave
as wipe-out tumble crashes down
I dive to capture back my crown
I dive to capture back my crown

How I love the raging sea? waves crashing over me

I am a sea nomad? I fear
Deepened with each passing year
Flowing as each ebbing tide
By waning moon is drawn aside

With held hands running to the foam
We offer up to Neptune?s home
Our bodies as we splash and play
Caressing, ebbing, loving spray
Caressing, ebbing, loving spray

I am a sea nomad? that?s right
I leap from pier in dead of night
Cooling skin my body floats
among the plethora of boats

I offer up my worldly woes
As ripples wet my paddling toes
water, wind, salt and you
I am a sea nomad? it?s true
I am a sea nomad? it?s true

Lyrics Ludwig O'Neill Music Ludwig O'Neill
Producer Ludwig O'Neill Performance Ludwig O'Neill
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