What I Didn't Know

Song Length 3:50 Genre Pop - Rock, Electronic - Dance
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Mad, Moving Subject Breaking Up
Language English


What I Didn't Know
(Lyrics by Allen Copeland and Luciano Sprovieri - Produced by Christophe Deluy and Allen Copeland)

Couldn?t this have been avoided
Why am I here and why do I even care
Maybe I just need some closure
After all, any love is rare
Face to face here at this moment
What will you say about the things you?ve done

Now that I look back it all seems clear
Unobsessed with you I see the truth
It's not gonna be like that anymore
Cause I know what I shouldn?t know
And I know what I didn?t know

You made me cry, I know you lied
Don?t be surprised this is good-bye...

And I don?t want a reason
I?m not a victim of the tears I?ve cried
i think it's obvious to see them
As the price between the ugly lines
Face to face, it?s now irrelevant
No longer care about the things you?ve done


All you did was blame me for the love you lack
I don?t need that crap, and there?s no turning
Your attempt to make me feel stupid, I?ll
Your ego is not gonna run around in my backyard

Lyrics Allen Copeland and Luciano Sprovieri Music Allen Copeland, Christophe Deluy and Luciano Sprovieri
Producer Christophe Deluy and Allen Copeland Performance Luciano Sprovieri
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