Never Let You Down

Story Behind The Song

After the end of a bad relationship, I wished I could be remembered in a nice way (not likey...) Also pertinent: shortly thereafter, I folded a 10-year old band and started a new project and was feeling insecure about possible fan backlash of people who w

Song Description

A bit of a poke at someone who may be remembering things in a slanted way! Whether it be a fan of someone who has left a band and started something very different, or even an ex-lover of someone who has moved on.

Song Length 3:13 Genre Rock - Ska, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Sociable, Passive Subject Determination
Similar Artists No Doubt Language English
Era 2000 and later


Jump back
And clear away from this wreckage, Darling
Coz nobody's coming out alive

What's that?
You say you can't take another scarring.
As if it's a question you'll survive

But I knew right from the start
Each plays their pain by heart
You're falling for someone else
When you hit the ground
Will you still remember


Somewhere deep in your blackened heart
There?s something that you will not confess

Wake up,
It weighs so much that you can?t get started
As if the whole world sits on your chest

Everyone thinks it?s hard
Passing it off as art
But now you believe it?s true
When you hit the ground will you still remember


Lyrics Girio Music Girio/Muller/Gasselsdorfer/Meier/Rasytinis
Producer Mitchell Girio Publisher Lorraine Muller
Performance Lo and the Magnetics Label Top 5 Records

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