Paradise is Hell

Story Behind The Song

You can't get far enough away from heartbreak

Song Description

Learning the hard way...

Song Length 3:25 Genre Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Judgement
Language English Era 2000 and later


Paradise Is Hell
Liz Miller ASCAP 2009

Single file footsteps on snow white sand
Remind me you're not here to hold my hand
The sapphire ocean's at it's lowest tide
Looks like the million salty tears I cried

Palm trees sway along to the island breeze
Just like the way you used to dance with me
One indiscretion and I fell from grace
Now I sleep alone upon this bed I made

I thought that if I flew away
To this heaven here on Earth
I'd finally get you out of me
But here's the joke for what it's worth
I learned my lesson hard and I learned it well
Without you -even paradise is Hell
Even paradise

You can find me in the bamboo hut
Drinkin whiskey from a coconut
Writin ten-cent postcards that seem cliché
Wish you were here is all I have to say

Repeat chorus

It doesn't make a difference
No matter how much distance
I put between us
I still dream us

Oh I learned my lesson hard and I learned it well
Without you Babe even paradise is Hell
Without you even paradise is Hell
Even paradise, even paradise
Let alone Texas

Lyrics Liz Miller Music Liz Miller
Producer Anthony Newett Performance Dustin Lynch
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