How I miss you

Song Description

The song discovers that although the person has got what they wanted and is on there own that there is to much of the other person still around to be able to forget them.

Song Length 3:36 Genre Pop - Rock, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Troubled Subject Breaking Up
Language English



O, How I miss you
With every sound I know longer hear
In the silence I hear your voice
Singing loud and clear

Verse 1

Each and every thing that annoyed me, vibrates in the air
Never is a house so noisy as when your not there
Echo's of the past float down hallways, ghosts from memories
No shouting anymore there's no one there to here me


Verse 2

I crave your laughter o so loud and rough, cutting through the gloom
Now and here after some sense of you stays in every room
No ones more crowded than the lonely, that truth now I see
I'd give up everything just to have you back here with me



Cushions wait to be scattered from the old armchair
While ears strain to here your absent footsteps running down, the stairs

Chorus x 2

O, How I miss you

Lyrics Sain Davies Music Liz Garvin
Producer John Hamilton
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