girl ok

Story Behind The Song

this song began as a little guitar pattern and a melody i sang as "la la la la .... while all the other girls go by" ... there were no other lyrics, and i didn't have a story in mind. when i played a series of little snippets of song ideas (for the producers of my CD in progress) to see what they thought might be worth developing, they both said this sounded interesting, so i developed a story around the idea of "while all the other girls go by"; i imagined a girl running into her beloved (accidentally?) in a public place and not being able to help but express some of what she is thinking & feeling while trying to hide just how much it matters to her

Song Description

girls "accidentally" meets her crush (or is it her boyfriend?) in a public place and expresses some of the things she has on her mind, trying to appear cool and collected but actually being incredibly vulnerable ... although she says "you can do all the talking", it is only her voice we hear, and we have to listen carefully to try to discern whether she is talking to her actual lover or her crush, whether or not the object of her affections reciprocates her feelings, and whether perhaps a mutual acquaintance (an admirer of hers?) might be stirring the pot ...

Song Length 3:00 Genre Folk - Alternative, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Charming, Diplomatic Subject Attracted, Crush, Relationship
Similar Artists Rickie Lee Jones, Suzanne Vega Language English
Era 2000 and later


what a surprise to see you
here where all the lovers come to
under a melon coloured sky
i'm in the mood for walkiin'
you can do all the talkin'
while all the other girls go by

if that's okay, then anything you say
is what i wanna hear
if that's all right, just say the word
any word will do, and i will stay right here

i wonder where you were last night
oh yes, you told me that, that's right
out with the boys, i should have known
had lots of fun, now did you
what did you all get up to
me, i just watched tv at home

and that's okay, 'cause anything you say
is music to my ears
yeah that's all right, just say the word
any word will do, and i won't disappear

i had, for your information
a meaningful conversation
with someone who says he knows you well
you're gonna laugh when you hear this
he said he saw you last night kiss
somebody at the Taco Bell ...

.... yes, i'm okay, i will be, anyway
i just need a moment here
don't say a word, not another word

please just forget i told you
what our friend said about you, it's
only circumstantial evidence
it's true, you're much too charming
your smile is so disarming
& i'm standing here with no defense

what's that you say, it's getting late
how long have we been here
is that the time, i didn't realise
i gotta run, before you whisper in my ear
any parting words that i don't want to hear

© soderberg 2008

Lyrics Lis Soderberg Music Lis Soderberg
Producer Brent Barkman Publisher found objects publishing
Performance Lis Soderberg
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