Tree of Life

Story Behind The Song

Praise to Jesus who died for us, the Tree of Life, also found in the Garden of Eden

Song Length 3:52 Genre Pop - Religious, Classical - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, In High Spirits Subject Joy, Happiness
Similar Artists Leann Rimes Language English
Era 2000 and later


Tree of Life

Tree of Life standing tall,
Above the clouds, across the world
You're the breath of life that I breathe
You're all I need
You're the peace that calms my soul
When the storm takes control
You're the everlasting Love that I feel
You're here with me


You are the one that I can hear
You are the love that I feel
Every moment that I breathe
You're the tree of life
And you are the light that fills my soul
You are the love that makes me whole
Every moment that i breathe
You're the tree of life in me

Like the winds that call the rain
Over seas and desert plains
You're the voice that echoes through the mountain range
I hear your name
Lifted up for all to see
On that hill at Calvary
You're the gift of life that rested on that tree
You rescued me


Your tone is incredible. Also, your vocal control and ability to selectively utilize that beautiful vibrato where it is most effective at communicating the underlying emotion of the song is wonderful. I have been a member of my church choir and cantor for over 20 years and I can tell you with confidence that your talent is something special. Well done. I am so very exited to hear more from you!

remins me of the song saving grace. lyrics were excellent vocals were excellent. enjoyed the song very much.

love the Lord

The Instrumentation of this track is nice as is the over all arraignment. The vocalist has a nice voice and a believable voice. For the type of music and genre this song falls into I think believability and expressing it well is a very important thing. Good job Ms. Vocalist

Beautiful lyrics, and although I don't typically listen to this genre, I found myself enjoying the track and interested in hearing more.
It reminded me a bit of Plumb -- in the best way possible.

What a beautiful worship song! From the pretty introduction to the end, the artist's love for the Lord shines through sweetly. Such a pretty voice! I liked the verse about God in nature the most (mountain range). Keep up the good work!

I would use this on the worship team at my church.

Beautiful vocal pitch; great arrangement and instrumentation. This song has good potential in the worship music industry.
Beautiful song....great job!

WOuld fit in well as a disney song, has that uplifting feel and great main vocal. great production quality.

Very good song with a huge potential as a Religious-Pop song or to be used for religious broadcast on TV or Radio.

Excellent recording. Beautiful piano sound, and strings are a very nice incorporation. Vocals are clear and in tune. Crescendos are well placed. Beautiful piece!! This tune has so many possible placement options.

Kudos for a great performance. I can imagine how great it must have felt when you recorded this song. It just doesn't get much better. The vocalist has excellent range and fine pitch. I really like how her voice is blended in awesome harmonies...this works very well in the arrangement together with the strong chorus and hook. The band's playing and production are also spot on.

Love the song and would love to even collaborate with you keep i love the pureness of you voice

Magnificent,Glorious, Joyous, this is an inspiring song, sung by a very professional vocalist. From start to finish the composition shines and glows.The arrangement and the backing is first class as is the engineering and I have enjoyed it so much I am going to listen to it again.

This is quite lovely. There is a Disneyesque vibe that I find very enchanting and compelling. The mixture of the strings (with the swells) and the snare drum falling in the pocket behind the lead vocal is top-shelf. The mix sounds great (even on tiny speakers), and the vocalist has very good pitch and a very pleasant tone.

Beautiful song. Strong vocal and simple but effective instrumentation and arrangement.

Very beautiful voice and great lyrics as well. I really like the piano and the drums - sounds a little like Marie Osmond.

I like the overall theme of this tune. The background is good as well. the overall mix is good and steady.

The melody line of this song is lovely. Add to that the female vocalist really nails the feel of the song. Sweet but reverent. Quality of the instruments is very high. Could imagine this song being sung in church with a choir and strong accompaniment behind it. The piano part at points in this song is haunting.

Absolutely a wonderful pop-religious song. Excellent execution of a spiritual connection of God the Father, Amen to you......Great work

Lyrics Holy Spirit/Lisa Vivienne Music Holy Spirit/Lisa Vivienne
Producer Roelof Bouwer Performance Lisa Vivienne

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