silly games

Song Length 4:08 Genre World - Reggae/Carribean
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Silliness
Language English


Music and lyrics by: Lenny Keys

Silly Games

I am playing your game you are playing mine
But it doesn?t look like game of any kind
Moment you are serious, than you grant a smile
Comfortably curious like a little child

I am playing your game and you are playing mine
Things I do to please you, make you feel divine
Always bring you flowers, kisses and smiles
Tell you that I love you many many times

Games that people play every single day,
Every night away
Games you like to choose, but you don?t like to lose
Every time you play
Everybody play silly little game day and night away
Silly games, silly games

I am playing my game you are playing yours
Trying to predict you only makes it worse
Suddenly you smile and kiss me on the cheek
I can?t resist temptation, it?s making me so weak

I am playing my game and you are playing yours
Suddenly you?re jealous, things are getting worse
You?re roaring like a tiger with fire in your eyes
Where did your smile go, I thought it was so nice
I am playing my game and you should play it too
You?re handsome and you?re smart but you haven?t got a clue
How to treat a girl, how to start a flame
Stop thinking ?bout your thing and play my silly silly game

Lyrics Lenny Kleyner Music Lenny Kleyner
Producer Lenny Kleyner
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