Song Length 4:05 Genre World - Reggae/Carribean, Pop - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Cheerful, Joyful


Music and lyrics by Lenny Keys


Every time morning comes
My alarm wakes me up
With this sound that I hate most of all

And there?s only one thing
Keeps me up on my feet
It?s the coffee I buy at the mall

Don?t take no cream, no sugar
As pure as it can be


Give me give me give me cup of coffee
Give me give me beverage of life
Bitter taste and chocolate aroma
Coffee gives energy and drive

I?ve been told many times
By my doctor and friend
It?s unhealthy, addictive it?s bad

So why do I feel so good
After drinking just one cup
That?s what I try so hard to understand

Lyrics lenny kleyner Music lenny kleyner
Producer lenny kleyner
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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