Tears of the Storm

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Broad, rolling, my dances with wolves thing. Tears of the Storm Is named by my daughter. She has a whole video of this in her head. The flute-oboes, are a tribute to native-american music. It is a piece that utilizes quite a few instruments, liked by fans, and received good peer reviews. I even found a twelve string guitar in my programing that I had to try. I hope you enjoy Tears of the Storm.

Song Length 3:07 Genre Country - General, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Congenial, Welcoming Subject Freedom, Cowboy
Similar Artists Ernio Morricane, The Pogues Era 1800 - 1899



I like the song......

Nice instrumental for something unique. Great chance of placement in a special movie.

A nice Celtic instrumental that brings to mind kings and queens castles and knights.
Nicely made piece. Nice glock is that.

a very nice instrumental piece that has a kings and queens castles and moats feel to the track with its style.
well recorded and a fine use of various instruments compliment the style and composition very well.
enjoyable piece and nice mix too.

The melody was very peaceful and uplifting. I love the simple guitar melody with the different sounds. It would fit nicely in a movie scene or in a scene for an advertisement. However I would not consider this country, it sounded more Classical to me. I think you made a beautiful melody that sounded very uplifting.

very relaxing , took me to other places

Music Lawrence K. Bodien Producer Lawrence K. Bodien
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