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I have a couple of versions of this folk song. This one uses the piano as accompaniment to pretty rich surroundings.

Song Length 3:03 Genre Folk - General
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Mood Joyful
Similar Artists Enya

Beautiful piece I might be a little biased because I love the flute I like how it started out with the solo flute and then the piano joined in very nice mix of piano and flute I also really enjoyed at about 1:50 when the song used apreggios. Was a very interesting song with no pattern no repetition so I would not say it is catchy but it involved and it's the kind of song you could listen to many times without getting bored of it because it is not repetitive. I thought the length of the song was just right and it seem to be very professionally recorded and produced. I would say very nice job all the way around I could see this song in a movie or some type of commercial

This is a very unique instrumental track that i found to take me on a "journey" that i quite much enjoyed! Good job of holding the listeners interest!!!

love the Celtic feel of this - piano is lovely, you are very talented.

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