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Moody Etude This number has been around awhile, and is without doubt, the most played piece that I have written. My wife requested that it should be on all personal cd's at least twice, though three times would be better. I used an electronic instrument to contrast and carry the lead found in the piano and strings. An etude is a composition where some skill is practised and honed. This piece shows how to practise bieng moody, therefore, Moody Etude.

Song Length 3:36 Genre Electronic - Ambient, New Age - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Stressed, Poignant Subject Frustration, Heartbreak
Similar Artists Steely Dan, Enya Era 2000 and later



Nice and pleasant to listen to.

It's always nice hearing piece in 3/4. Very nice song, the chord changes are familiar but doesn't sound like anyone... maybe Vangelis but that is going way back. This song is thought provoking and did give me an emotional response. I consider this a high quality example of songwriting.

I enjoyed this piece. I could imagine this playing in a spa, it is quite a relaxing experience. I found the melody interesting, and the chord progression kept me guessing. The overall feeling of the piece was light and ambient. Very well done.

Very nice arrangement and melody. Good structure of piano. This track will do good im sure. This reminds me of classical opera all the way. They need this track in theater right now. Not just broadway hollywood

A solid demonstration of usage in scales.

A comforting piece with some great piano work. Interesting instrumentation and intertwining parts work well to create a classical piece that keeps your interest yet leaves you serene and at ease.

A nice relaxing piece.

Music Lawrence K. Bodien
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