Leaf in the Wind

Song Description

Leaf was one of the first pieces I wrote with my new program. It is also a piece which brings back memories of the tire shop I was working in. I would say they were bittersweet memories. I worked very hard for someone who didn't seem to appreciate it. But I cared for the fellow and wrote the ending theme for him, despite his unfounded accusations. This piece was also named by my wife. Yup lots of memories in Leaf in the Wind.

Song Length 3:23 Genre Classical - Romantic, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Mood Peaceful, Peaceful
Subject Earth, Seasons Similar Artists Yanni, Johannes Brahms
Era 1960 - 1969



This is a pleasing and relaxing piece combining strings and a bell-like lead instrument. It would work as an underscore to a travelogue by sea or in the countryside and would enhance voice over. The middle sections maintain the pulse and feeling with some contrast.

I found this piece of music in the Classical - Romantic genre. A harpsichord and warm pad entice the listener with a sense of longing and soothing quietness. While listening to this, my mind drifts to the 1970s era with music backdrops to romantic movies.

Nice composition remiscent of 70s Wendy Carlos.

Calm and so comfortable to listen too. The instrumentation keeps things interesting during the different movements throughout in a really great way. Smooth as silk and a great tune to sync up and make some money!

This is a great pitch as a children's lullaby as background for a children's toy or sleep product or television show as feature. the melodies are serene and restful and the arrangement paints a very peaceful soundscape. This type of instrumental is also a good pitch to a spa commercial or a bottled water commercial etc...you are a very talented pianist and arranger...nice chord changes and phrasing

This song started out a little slow . The more I listen the more I like it .The melody is strong and tuneful. The song is rich and has a calming affect. I think this song could make it in flim .This song has strong commercial potential.

Music Lawrence K.Bodien Producer Lawrence K.Bodien
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