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In the original version of Ferlorn the piano was written in eighth notes. It did seem kind of draggy. Then my most beloved critic, my wife, said " you have to do something with that piano!" Now 16/ths make an awful lot of notes to write, but after one measure-Wow, it was nice! Should I give her a co-write? The title was supposed to be Forlorn, but that was to heavy, so Ferlorn seemed to fit. I hope you enjoy Ferlorn.

Song Length 2:37 Genre Pop - Electro, Classical - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Distressed, Anxious Subject Energy, Frustration
Similar Artists James Horner, Rachel Portman Era 1800 - 1899



good background music for movies in scenes where someone is on a road trip and just driving down the highway, zoning out

A Very pretty melody with nice piano skills.

Super smooth intro makes a perfect sea of sound for half a minute, then the piano ads to it just right. Other instrumentation comes in with some counter melodies that add a touch that makes things interesting as the melody repeats throughout. Nice work here.

Really dug the scale usage in the piano, I feel like if you took some time to variate in tempo and performance, the scales you use could quite literally evoke an emotional response. I like the scale a lot.

Music Lawrence K. Bodien
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Clean Clean

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