Story Behind The Song

When my age was small double digits, " Country" was bad, because it meant bad music. Well I got a little older, understood that there is more to music, then theory. It also means communicating with people, affecting how they feel, and all that stuff that makes us the humans we are today. I also saw " Country", grow and assimilate many styles of music. I also found out that I had trouble writing it, though I know that good "Country", is Great music.

Song Description

"Choices" started when I saw some Country Music contest, and I decided to win it. Well the contest has been over now for about 3 years and I just finished another rewrite. Anyhow I decided that I had to be fancy, and have back-up singers. My grandchildren gave that a notable try. The person listening has to decide how to treat the heart that is not theirs personally, but they still own. Therefore the title " CHOICES".

Song Length 3:00 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Engaging, Amiable Subject General, Heart
Similar Artists The Dixie Chicks Language English
Era 2000 and later


Hold me, Hold me close.

Deep with-in my chest beats a heart that can be broken.
Shattered just like glass in a window.

You're eye's may see me
Fall to pieces
Shattered just like glass in a window.

If my times short may you know that my love still grows.

Look and you'll see that this heart has an owner, and you don't want it shattered like glass in a window. That is hard on glass and hearts.

You must know by now, that our lives can be destroyed if we don't hold each other--hold me close, hold me close, hold me hold me, hold me hold me, hold me hold me close.

Deep within my chest beats a heart that can love stronger, stronger then a diamond in a mountain. That is how much I love you. That is how much I really care.

Is this classical music 8n the country music category?

Lyrics Lawrence K. Bodien Music Lawrence K. Bodien
Producer Lawrence K. Bodien Performance Lawrence, Zack & Celene Bodien
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