Love Must Wait (Letter from a Soldier) - Female Version

Song Length 4:44 Genre Unique - Unclassified
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Change, Justice Similar Artists Opera singers
Language English


YES, LOVE MUST WAIT (Letter from a Soldier)

I see the boys of war march on parade
I hear the guns of war, and I'm afraid.
But duty calls on me to take a vow.
And fight beyond what conscience will allow,
I will return to you again, but now,
Our love must wait
Yes, Love Must Wait.

Your love is everything that makes me strong
And guides me through each choice of right and wrong.
But now my fate is drumming me to war,
And so I join all those who've gone before,
I cannot prophesy what lies in store,
So love must wait,
Yes, Love Must Wait.

My soul cries out against each harsh command
But if we fail; we fail our God, our land.
Stern purpose drives us to a deadly end,
And there's no time to mourn each fallen friend,
With heavy hearts we rise to fight again.
And love must wait,
Yes, Love Must Wait.

Where is that promise of a world at peace?
When will man cease to act the savage beast?
My heart is burdened by the shame that we,
Condemn our children to this legacy,
This cycle of repeated lunacy,
This practiced hate,
That makes love wait.

This harsh dictate:
That "Love Must Wait."

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