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Verse 1:
What is this fascination I have with you?
I can't concentrate on anything
I'm not the typical girl you would meet, not me
I'm not easily swept off my feet
I'm starting to think you're incredible
I find myself wanting more
What is with you that makes me go insane?
I'm starting to think you're incredible
You stand out above them all
What is it about your voice saying my name?
Verse 2:
You confess the feelings you have, for me
I almost lose all self control
Yet I continue to keep my cool, composed
Pause, cause I don't want to sound like a fool
-Repeat Chorus-
I know it's mutual
It's not unusual
I know it's actually possible
Why do I hold back now?
What is this fear about?
Isn't this what I wanted from the start?
I have been thinking about this a lot, I say
I have been holding back for all this time
There are so many things that I feel for you
Now I know just what I want to say
-Repeat Chorus-

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