Cowboy Ride

Story Behind The Song

To take a journey with what a cowboy does and sees while out on the open plains

Song Description

Portrayal of the simple life of a cowboy

Song Length 3:33 Genre Country - Cowboy
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene Subject Prairie, Plains


Cowboy Ride

The Prairie wind begins to chill
As the golden sunset begins to fade
The autumn leaves are turning brown as
The cold north wind starts to rage

Out here the cowboy lives
Amongst the peaceful flowing plains
The twinkle in his eyes reflect his
dedication to this open space

Well ride cowboy ride
Ride these earthly plains
In this land of milk and honey
Cowboy ride, ride away

A modest life the cowboy lives
The rules of nature guides his life
His horse and lasso are his partners
From daybreak to dusk he will ride

As the final sun begins to set
The legend of the cowboy shall remain
His days upon these plains will be remembered
As he journeys from the saddle to the grave

Words & Music
Larry Anderson
c April 2002

Lyrics Larry Anderson Music Larry Anderson
Producer Larry Anderson
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