Amazing Man

Song Description

This is a sultry little tune celebrating the perfect man in your life. It also includes the classic Billy Holiday song 'My Man I Love Him So'. This is an alternative/electronic hybrid cool-sexy song, listing all the amazing qualities of that perfect man and welcoming him into my life.

Song Length 3:50 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Electro
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Enchanting, Endearing Subject Love at First Sight, Falling in Love
Similar Artists Bilie Eilish, Sia Language English
Era 2000 and later


Amazing Man

There's one thing
That I got... It's My Man.....

Transported through time
We were lost
Engulfed in oceans
Of desire...
The point had come,
Complete surrender
of all I ever knew to be,
Let go of your identity,
Love resounds
Shining out to me

But I love him...
(PreChorus #1)

Don't be fooled,

Yes I love him....

By things you see,
Give to yourself,
Give to me....

(Chorus #1)
The Amazing Man,
The Amazing Man,
The Amazing Man,
It's my Man....

(Verse #2)
Venus is my allie,
Beast is my friend,
Young prince is playing,
Beauty just pretends
Come into my life

My man I love him so....

Don't give yourself away,
You'll get lost in me,
Your life force
Is what you receive
You are thus,
Given yourself to thee...

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When he takes me in his arms
The world is right,
I'm his..... Forever......

(Repeat Chorus X2)

There's one thing that I've got......
Music by Lakotah
Lyrics by Lakotah ; Performed by Lakotah

Producer Linda E Yniguez Publisher Self Published
Performance LAKOTAH Label BooBoo Records
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