Suffered at the Hands of Love

Song Length 3:54 Genre R & B - Soul, Blues - Modern
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


You could tell by the way she walked in the room
Her puffy eyes and cloud of doom
Someone had pushed her away
I don't know why I took the chance
But something in her furtive glance told me
She could really use a friend

I said, listen to me baby
No need to feel ashamed
I'm here to tell you
In this we're all the same
No matter your story
No matter your name, we've all

Suffered at the hands of love
Suffered at the hands of love
She's a cool, a cruel judge
We've suffered at the hands of love

She told the latest version
Of the oldest tale in all the world
Love lives on in one but not in two
She demonized the culprit
She pathologized the louse
As she recounted step-by-step
His weak goodbye

I said, hold on honey
I hear you keeping score
That man don't give a damn
What you think about him no more
The sooner you face it
The sooner you erase it, we've

Suffered at the hands of love ...

I never saw that girl again
But if I did I'd bet the farm
She's doing fine

I said, listen to me baby ...

Suffered at the hands of love ...

Lyrics Kyle Henderson Music Kyle Henderson
Producer Kyle Henderson Publisher Kyle Henderson
Performance Kyle Henderson, Jimmy Voegeli, Ted Henderson
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