Life Goes On

Song Description

For all of us, life is mixed. We experience victories, successes, pleasures and joys. Yet we also endure defeats, failures, pain and heartache. Even so, we get up, we step forward, we live. And most of us are damn glad of it.

Song Length 4:27 Genre Blues - Modern, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Poignant Subject Change, Existence
Similar Artists Van Morrison, Cat Stevens Language English
Era 2000 and later


Even in the midst of the darkest night
The moon comes out and shares her light
Even in the winds of a hurricane
A thirsty plot of land somewhere drinks its fill of living rain
You can lose the most precious thing
Something comes and finds you, gives you another song to sing
I'm amazed at how we take blow after blow
And wake up ready to go

Life goes on.

The hardest thing is dealing with the past
That "move on" stuff is a bunch of gas
Everything I've done, everything done to me
Every word I've said and heard: It's all a part of me
This can be such a cruel place
Daily I'm reminded of the pain I've got to face
Though I lost that long list of things I know
I shrug and I give it a go

Life goes on.

One day I'll meet my maker face-to-face
I plan to ask, "Why did you let go of this place?"
I think he'll smile and gently take my hand
And say, "Son, with everything I gave you, why weren't you a better man?"
You can lose the most precious thing
And something's there before you with a different song to sing
I'm amazed at how much baggage we can tow
And wake up ready to go

Life goes on.

Lyrics Kyle Henderson Music Kyle Henderson
Producer Kyle Henderson Publisher Kyle Henderson
Performance Kyle Henderson & Ted Henderson, drums & bass; Jimmy Voegeli, organ; Mike Ripp, guitar; Alison Margaret, background vocals Label N/A
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