Daddy Don't You Cry

Song Length 4:59 Genre Blues - Modern, R & B - Soul


Here I am again
Walking with these demons
They haunt me
I might as well call them friend
They stick with me through thick and thin

Here I go again
Sleeping with these creatures
They love me
They wrap their legs around my mind
They've chosen me I don't know why

Daddy don't you cry
Oh, everything will be alright
Daddy I wouldn't lie
Oh, everything will be alright

Here I am again
Fighting with the demons
I'm fading
They chortle as I flail away
I guess they know I'll quit one day
Here I go again
Swimming with these creatures
I'm drifting
I lift my head to search for shore
I turn around and swim some more


Lyrics Kyle Henderson Music Kyle Henderson
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Performance Kyle Henderson
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