Take Him Down

Song Description

A woman who learned to survive and excel in a home rule by a powerful father figure who regretted she was not a son, his heir. Yet she comes out after years of struggle with the power--which she doesn't employ--to destroy her father.

Song Length 4:52 Genre Folk - Alternative, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed Subject Daughter
Era 2000 and later


Take Him Down

She learned to hold the reins when she was still a girl
She was meant to hold his whole damned world
She was the son that her Daddy meant to have
She took the challenge when her whole world collapsed

She learned to take hold of her own destiny
She learned to develop an immunity
To the pain it cost her just to carry on
Trying to live up to the reason she was even born

Feel - feeling deep down she should somehowbe ashamed
She wasn?t a boy to carry on that family name
A king, - a king needs a son to take his hard won crown
And in the end she had the power to take him down

And now she?s found a love she wants to last
Not like any others in her past
Back when they all just used to stand in line
To be with her for a good time not a long time

That?s what it is and maybe it?s all good
Now that she?s given up trying to just be understood
But in her family where no one shows their heart
She?s learned to keep them all from falling apart

Words&Music © 2006 Kurtis Lehman

Lyrics Kurtis Lehman Music Kurtis Lehman
Performance Kurt Lehman
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