Letter from his Ex

Song Description

Gets a letter from his exwife, explaining after two years the reason she left him.

Song Length 4:14 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Divorce
Language English Era 2000 and later


Letter from his Ex
He got a letter from his ex today It came as quite a surprise
It was written in the summer And forwarded three times
He moved twice since she left him Trying to find a new life
It was two years since he?d seen her, when she?d stopped being his wife
For the love of another

He wondered why she?d write him They had never been friends
D?nt she know what she?d put him through And if she wrote to make amends
That would no longer matter like it would have way back then
Maybe she wrote that she?s coming back So she could leave him all over again

But what she wrote left him crying It came out of the blue
She said lately I can?t stop my heart from going out to you
You couldn?t see it when I left you but I knew it to be true
You deserved someone much better that?s why I packed my bags and flew

He didn?t miss her like he used to, he hadn?t missed her today
Until he opened her letter but by then it was too...late
He knew he?d never forget her or stop seeing her face
Her memory still filled heart He could never open up that space

Please tell me you?re alive out there and that you made it through
Oh tell me that you found yourself and that you made it through

But before he could get to sleep He tore her letter apart
he threw it in the fireplace watch it all go up in sparks
He?d curled up on his mattress Like a small boy in the dark
And for the first time since he?d been a man he cried with his whole heart

He got a letter from his ex today and what she wrote set him free
For the love of another

Words&Music © 2006 Kurtis Lehman

Lyrics Kurtis Lehman Music Kurtis Lehman
Performance Kurt Lehman
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