It's Going Down

Story Behind The Song

I've had a lot of heartaches and heartship growing up living with dysfunctional parents, battling anxiety and dealing with panic attacks. It's been a long journey trying to find my authentic self. Music has helped me emmensly. When I wrote this song

Song Description

It's a song about being in a relationship with someone that doesn't understand you. It's about finally finding yourself and realizing that you've had enough with the way things have been going.

Song Length 2:48 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Irritated, Enraged Subject Fight
Similar Artists Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1
Well you thought you knew me but all my demons are coming out
I'm breaking the silence, pulling the duct tape off my mouth

You tried to light me up in flames
But your fire can't burn away the pain

It's going down tonight
And everyone I need is moving on tonight
Taking all my necessary alibi's
But I won't die alone
Cradling my wounds
It's going down

Verse 2
Well baby it's simple, all you had to do was ask
I'm ranting and raging as you candidly stand back

Is your life as simple as it seems
Immune to what is happening

Bridge (rap)
Engaged in debate
I know that you can't relate
I'm trying to educate but it's ok to wait
Don't dehydrate yourself, don't emulate
Take one step back while you disintegrate
I must have been too blind in all the make
Cause I got played just like a record in a crate
I guess I shoulda' known the tale of the tape
Emotionally I was light and you were the heavyweight
You rocked my world you bent me all up outta shape
But I don't feel hate because I'm up late waiting by the phone
I was prone but you see my skills got honed cause I've grown
And you know I won't die alone
It's going down

Lyrics Krysta Youngs Music Krysta Youngs
Producer Yan Perchuk of Vibrant Productions Publisher n/a
Performance Krysta Youngs Label n/a
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