Law of Attraction

Story Behind The Song

After reading the book The Secret, it changed the way I lived and thought about my life. I learned, in large part, I am in control.

Song Description

This song is based on the book The Secret and the teachings of the Law of Attraction - the power of positive thinking, that we are in control of our lives with our thoughts and actions

Song Length 3:40 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful Subject Life, Imagination
Language English Era 2000 and later


Don't worry about yesterday
Don't worry about tomorrow
Just keep your focus strong and clear...
The goal seems like it's nearer when you try...
To enjoy the ride...

What you believe is meant to be
Stay true to what's in your mind
Let the passions in your heart guide you
And soon you'll begin to see what's deep inside...
And don't let it slide...

It's the universal law
It's the apple and the tree
It's the simple course of nature
It's the force of gravity
We draw things to ourselves
With each and every action
It's the law...of attraction

The secret to wealth, you have it
The secret to love, love yourself first
The secret to health is laughter
Just know when you smile, the world will smile with you...
And be thankful too


You control your destiny
It's all in how you view it
Just put the pictures on the wall
The secret lies within you
And knowing you can do it


Lyrics Koreen Perry and Rob Hewes Music Koreen Perry and Rob Hewes
Producer Koreen Perry and Rob Hewes Performance Koreen Perry
Label Rawlco Radio

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