Song Length 4:28 Genre Pop - Alternative


(March 2003)

What is obvious, please come forward
Such a long time since it?s been stored away, like a passion play
Is that what we have today?
?Cause I?ve been busting at the seams
And I?ve been lusting at all of the dreams awakened
It?s taken me a while to set them free

Ooh, there?s a reason why I?m feeling like I do
Ooh, just a feeling that I like when I?m with you
You, you, you

It?s got me tongue-tied, freeze-dried, pan-fried
It?s got me cross-eyed, tangled up in sorts
And all those crazy reports I just couldn?t well deny
Yeah, ?cause I?m weak, I admit it
And it?s enough to bruise you if you let it
So I try not to cry every time we say goodbye


And by the way, I?m doing okay
Sticking to my convictions and contradictions
And maybe someday when you say
I won?t need them anyway


Lyrics Kimo Pokini Music Kimo Pokini
Producer Mitch Curinga Performance Kimo Pokini
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