Song Length 5:00 Genre Pop - Easy Listening


(July 2003)

I?ve been walking around this house
I?ve been trying to figure out
What to say and what to do
Guess it?s lonely without you
Won the battle, not the war
Still there should be more

Maybe in another place and time
Maybe then we both could change our minds
Maybe we realized that it all was just too much
Or maybe not enough, not enough

All these shadows in my head
Live the life that we once led
Days and nights they pass me by
They don?t stop and wonder why
Why these memories wash away
Why you didn?t stay


Maybe hearts were meant to break
Then you see all your worst mistakes
Could it be it was much too soon
Or much too late


Lyrics Kimo Pokini Music Kimo Pokini
Producer Mitch Curinga Performance Kimo Pokini
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Clean Clean

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