Song Description

A humourous song about a redneck beer drinker and his wife

Song Length 4:25 Genre Folk - Alternative, Spoken Word - Humor
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood Affable, Cheerful Subject Life, Relationship
Similar Artists Jim Croce, Jimmy Buffett Language English
Era 2000 and later




Whoa oh o oh, my Ezmaline
how I love my little Ezzie, yeah, yeah, yeah, my Ezmaline


Ezmaline had a funny name, but I love that girl so (you know what I mean)
Bright red hair, buck teeth and 200 pounds, a fashion queen to go (how I love her fashion)
Its just that when we kissed her nose got in the way (and she had a big one)
and just like every other part of her, that thing used to sway
I recall the time we went to dinner on our anniversary (what a celebration)
Ezmaline had at the15 pound burger and the salad and chips were free (what a bargain)
It was great to see that girl eat, she did it so well (that was her special gift)
and in her own words ...?I don?t give a damn if I?m overweight, youse can all just go to hell?


Ezmaline cooked me fried eggs each morning, swimming in oil
chop the wood, clean the home, sometimes I think I was spoiled (spoiled rotten)
and even though we?ve got 6 kids I was never too sure about that (the milkman was smiling)
they all seem to have all my qualities, 6 little brats
You see I took them on holiday, late last year
they could watch the television all day and I could drink heaps of beer
I just couldn?t understand it when Ezzie said she wanted to do something different ( I thought it was in bed)
and I got a little dark each evening when she said she wanted to keep her distance - after all, we were on holidays


Maybe it was about the time I didn?t tell her, I had a bit on the side
on that football trip to the city where, I just went for the ride
I met a lady in the bar one night and after 30 beers she wasn?t too bad (it was the beer goggles)
and now I?m famous at the football club because - it was a he in drag
then came the day when Ezmaline left me, what a relief (you have to fight for freedom)
20 years of hell I thought and now I?m released
Now I go to the bar each evening and try to forget my best friend Jim ( Jim the milkman)
he?s the one who took my Ezmaline - geez I miss him

Who oh o oh Ezzie?s with Jim, Ezzie?s with ...him ..Jim, Ezzie?s with him...whatever his name is, what did he do that for, come back to me Jim, I?m crying in my beer here Jim...there?s a beer over here with your name on it Jim ...and I?ll even buy one for Ezzie

Lyrics Kim Imber Music Kim Imber
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