Last One Standing

Song Length 3:44 Genre Country - Alternative, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


Last One Standing
By Kim Davidson © 2005

Well it?s all out there
There?s too much information I can find
There?s too much that I can make up in my mind
And turn you into all I want you to be

Each revelation
A short walk from a wary destination
It?s bad enough to wonder, then I know it
I won?t live to tell the tale of wanting you

Cloaked in my shame, I nurse myself in secret
Feeding off each little look from your dark eyes
Not meant for me, but in the end it doesn?t matter
It?s too late to act like I don?t recognize
All the signs that I?m addicted
And it?s always self-inflicted
And I used to know the trick?
Did you surprise me? what do you care?
I?ll always be the last one standing here

I think I get it
The appeal of learning something so revealing
Doesn?t wane until you learn and get sent reeling
The cat?s not gonna be the only one who dies

But it?s a good pain
I don?t know how it can feel like such a promise
Thinking, ?If I knew just what you?re running from?? is
The biggest lie I?ve ever told me to believe

Yeah, I?ve been dazed just like a bird hitting a window
What I?m lookin? at is never what I see
And you?re so hard, you try to keep me at a distance
But the more you hide the more it interests me


Lyrics Kim Davidson Music Kim Davidson
Producer Kim Davidson, Tom Eaton Publisher NA
Performance Kim Davidson - vocals, Fred Ellsworth - electric guitar, John Curtis - resonator guitar, banjo, Tom Eaton - Hammond, percussion, Jake Armerding - fiddle, Rick Hilton - bass, Tim Cook - drums. Label None
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