The Sun

Song Description

This song is about realizing the person you're meant to be with was there waiting for you all along.

Song Length 4:48 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Peaceful, Pleasant
Subject Falling in Love, General Similar Artists Ben Harper, Jack Johnson
Language English


I hold you like you've held me
For so long now, so patiently
While I ran free and fell upon the road

You always left your door open
Knowing someday, I'd return again
Pleading, praying let me in

Now somehow, the time has come
I've turned from all I'd done
And I've begun to see more clearly now

I see now you're the sun that I'd been waiting on
Yes I'd been waiting on but you were never gone

Each morning you rose but from what I chose I fell
Stuck inside the clouds while you remained the sun
I now can see the sun

I hold you like you've been holding me for so long now
So trustingly, without deceit
With just tenderness and time

Ohhh and I know I've got a long, long way to go
It's not a stone's throw, I've got no time for moving slow
I've got to let go and move on towards your love


I now can see the sun
And it's only just begun... begun, begun, begun

Final Chorus

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