Loneliness (Someone to Hold)

Song Length 6:27 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Heartbreaking, Endearing
Subject General, Loneliness Similar Artists Ben Harper, John Mayer
Language English


Well I went out walking, but ended up talking to you
While asking your name, I watched all your pain seeping through

I asked, "why were you crying?... there's no need for lying to me"
She said that there's nothing wrong, I said that something must be...

She said, but you're just a stranger, you don't need my anger or blues
I said, but we all need a hand, when we're standing on glass with no shoes.

So she said "I'm tired of this loneliness, hiding out deep in my bones.
My mind is a mess and my heart is a handful of stepped on stones

It's been too long
Every evening, every dawn
Loneliness comes upon me

It has grown so old, all this emptiness, all this cold
I'm not digging for sympathy or begging for gold
I just want someone to hold

But after a while, she managed to smile and she said
Well look at me now, you would've thought all my happiness fled

She said, "you're also human, you've been through loneliness too"
I said, "darling, the words that you speak, you know they are true"

I said, "but the sun always rises, and the spring always comes when it's time."
She said, "it takes light to see shadows, it takes pain to see love truly shine"

"And you can wade through the waters and climb all the towers in town,"
She said, "but love isn't something you find when you're looking around..."


So I wait
Through this tiring, lonely fate
Hoping tomorrow it's changed when I wake


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