Take Your Money And Run

Story Behind The Song

Heading down the highway with the wind in your face and the feeling of freedom and control. When you get your money just run with it and don't feel obliged to your employer. Fed up with working and exploitation and the need to break free.

Song Description

The song reflects the manic stress now endured by many people in their jobs and how trapped they feel. This person now has decided to leave it all behind and the freedom of his car journey and how his senses come to life are described. He says 'No NO No' to the life he is expected to live.

Song Length 3:58 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Content Subject Money, Freedom
Similar Artists Cross between Foo Fighters and Eagles Language English
Era 2000 and later


Take Your Money and Run

Written by Kevin McAleenan

Put my foot on the throttle...feel the wind in my face
Headin' down the highway- doing things my way -gotta break from this place
I'm a pawn in their mind games..worked so hard I can't think
Here's another deadline..no time to unwind..make time before it's too late

It's crazy in the morning..it's manic all day
Can't relax.. there can't be no delay
We seem to live to work not work to live
I've gotta do something..I feel I've gotta say


No No No No ..What's the reason? And I say No No No No
Take your money and run..run....run...run...run
And I say - No No No No...Is it blind ambition?....and I say No No No No ..
Take your money and run ...run...run ....run..Take your money and run...run..run...run....

There's no end to the day now....
This stress - it don't pay
Working for those monkeys - I've become a work junkie
It's time to make my hay day

Keep your eye on the picture..See what they're gonna do
Create a workaholic.. Build him up-.you got it..Say there's nothing you can't do

He won't see it coming - he don't understand
He'll do whatever's asked of him ... He doesn't see the plan
They'll use and abuse..make money from this man
Burn him out..disguard him..never tell the truth..

(lead guitar break)
(lead guitar break)

Original take on a fairly common theme. I love the intro. I love how the riff keeps driving and the steadiness of the beat keeps you engaged. Great work.

Lyrics Kevin McAleenan Music Kevin McAleenan
Producer Kevin McAleenan / Larry Hogan Performance Andrew Mann

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