Song Description

This is a yearning love song about trying to hook up with a hot girl.

Song Length 4:20 Genre Pop - Rock, Electronic - Dance
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Ecstatic Subject Searching for Love
Similar Artists The Police Language English


for once
kiss me twice
taste the wine on my lips
hold my head in your hands
dig the nails in my scalp
feel the pump of my blood

for once kiss me twice
throw your sweater on the floor
twist a bottle and lock the door
free the ocean in your ears
watch, the ceiling disappears

i could be the bullseye
don't believe in miracles, I
draw the bow and loose the arrow shoot

in a world of second guesses
phony names and fake addresses
hold the phones and stop the presses

for once
kiss me twice
lock your ankles around a chair
throw me gently over there
great let's try the other side
laugh out loud
at leat we tried
and these things happen
it's happening


Lyrics Kevin Hanson Music Kevin Hanson
Producer Kevin Hanson Publisher Kevin Hanson
Performance Kevin Hanson Trio
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