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Deep inside we all know what's right for oursleves on our own personal spiritual journeys - but we often fear to follow that path

Song Length 4:04 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Poignant Subject Philosophy, Spirituality
Similar Artists Sting Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


So much clearer in the light
It?s just the glare that blinds me
But if I leave the curtains drawn
The morning never finds me

I take comfort in the shadows
In the melting shades of grey
The moon is my companion
I got stars to light my way

CH: Oh I know the place where truth is
I'm just not going there today
Who knows I may just stop by
If it?s ever on my way

I shun revealing beams of sunshine
It?s exposure that I fear
I feel naked and transparent
I head due west when dawn is near

So I knock round in the twilight
stubbing toe and bruising knee
I got matches in my pocket
but I?m afraid what I might see


If it?s ever on my way
If it?s ever on my way
If it?s ever on my way
If it?s ever on my way

Lyrics Richard Chipps Music Kevin Duke
Producer Barry Swan
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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