One Hoarse Clown

Song Length 3:59 Genre Pop - General, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Worried, Heartbreaking



I wake up in a nervous sweat
Worried ?bout the things I said to you tonight
I wish that I could pull time back
Into the shadows of the past and make things right
Screaming at myself until there?s really nothing left and I?m just

One hoarse clown
Crying alone out loud
Everyone?s aware that clowns deny all their despair
And paint a smile

Scattered memories on my bed
This smiling pose of you tells me our love?s not dead
I lift the phone to call you then I pull it from the wall
I need to clear my head
Now I?m screaming out your name
Atop my roof I?m still afraid I am just? (chorus)

Cotton candy?s just a bit too sweet for me these days
Sorry, I can?t dance in oversized shoes
This painted grease smile ought to hold me for a few weeks more
Cause, I?ve still got some screaming to do

Everybody knows that hearts won?t break in
Silly clothes and painted smiles

Everybody?s well aware Like a clown I?m in despair
A one hoarse clown

This painted smile upon my face is strangely out of place
I?m just a one hoarse clown

Lyrics Kevin Chauvette Music Kevin Chauvette
Producer John Paul
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