Innocent June

Song Length 4:20 Genre Folk - Contemporary


summer is sprawled out, she's let down her hair
drunk on the potion that seeps everywhere

whispers of vapor spill from her mouth
it clings to my senses, pulling me down
gets under my skin and into my veins
and then stealing my voice she calls out your name

i didn't mean to, it just slipped past my lips
she's tattling secrets i thought were well hid
she always seemed harmless, innocent June
but tell me, how did she know i was thinking of you

her foolish heart
acts without a thought of consequence
she thinks she's right
tries to force me off this fence
she doesn't know, she's never seen
the price you pay for stirring up a dream

june becomes autumn, surrenders the days
she'll be older and wiser, like I am today
pressed between pages, jasmine's last bloom
but sometimes I feel summer ended too soon

Lyrics kerry getz Music kerry getz and marty beal
Producer marty beal Publisher dick and jane music
Performance kerry getz - vocal Label world in motion records
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