Song Length 3:25 Genre Folk - Contemporary


you've wasted my time for the last time
i'm cutting your memory free
it's caused nothing but sorrow
and by this time tomorrow
any vague recollection
will have washed out to sea

and i wish that i never had met you
let your anger and bitterness breed
like an unwelcome houseguest
grown drunken and surly
it came uninvited and refuses to leave

amnesia come
amnesia come
amnesia come
amnesia come

i won't play a part in your game
dragging around a ball and chain
while you attack me
again and again and again

so here is the note of eviction
your spectre will haunt me no more
better than dead
it's like you never existed
soon i wonít remember
what i wrote this for

amnesia, come
amnesia, come
amnesia, come
amnesia, come

Lyrics kerry getz Music kerry getz
Producer marty beal Publisher dick and jane music
Performance kerry getz - vocal Label world in motion records
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