My Jane

Story Behind The Song

My step father's sisters were all very good to me, the black sheep of the family. Jane particularly took time to keep track of me and help me through some difficult and joyous times. She is an earthly angel and deserves a tribute.

Song Description

The song starts on a descending riff from C minor and stays tender till the ending section that rocks out with deep emotion. Is there a person in your life who ALWAYS stood behind you and cared for you? This is a tribute for that person I hope we all hav

Song Length 3:04 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Endearing, Joyful Subject Girls, Women, Gratitude
Similar Artists Melissa Etheridge, Fiona Apple Language English
Era 2000 and later


6/09 My Jane K. Parkis

INTRO - /G#msus G+sus /B9 B b5 /E6 F# /

/B /E
V1 - Jane, you're a beautiful woman I love you. Oh oh/
/B /E E D#m /
Jane, I remember the times that we swam in Cape Cod.
/C#m /F# /C#m
Jane, we collected shells on the beach. Boats on the River.
/F# /B
You were my special friend, my Jane.
/G#m /B /G#m
BR - I need you in my life. The Good Lord loves you, He holds you for all time.
G#m F#m /E /F# /E /F# /
My Jane, my father's sister. OH Jane, you were my special friend

SOLO - /G#msus G+sus /B9 B b5 /E6 F# /G#msus G+sus /B9 B b5 /E6 F# /
/B /B /E /E
CHORUS - Jane, My Jane, my, my Aunt Jane.
/B /B
You sent me birthday cards and you wrote me letters.
/E /E
Called me on the phone and you made me feel better.
/B /B /E / E
You're my hero, you exemplify grace.
/B /B /E /E
When the world turns away you show a kind face.

OUTRO - /G#msus G+sus /B9 B b5 /E6 F# /G#msus G+sus /B9 B b5 /E6 F# / G#msus FADE OUT

Lyrics Kentucky Parkis Music Kentucky Parkis
Producer Karel Ruzicka, Jr. Publisher Charles Bridge Music
Performance Tara J. King, Kentucky Parkis, Karel Ruzicka, Jr.
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