Down On His Knees

Story Behind The Song

Based on a true story.

Song Description

Reflection of a love lost suddenly. It takes a strong man to his knees. This woman can have such an impact....that it makes a grown man curl up...just like a baby. The reason why.... "I never go...around mirrors"

Song Length 4:35 Genre Folk - Country, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Gloomy Subject Breaking Up, Dysfunctional Relations
Similar Artists The Eagles, Tim Mcgraw Language English
Era 2000 and later


"Down On His Knees "
(The Long Way Home)
Copyright 2005 (All rights reserved)
Kevin W. Peery and Kenny Marshall (ASCAP)
Marshall/Peery Publishing (ASCAP)

He took the long way home...
Down that ole black-top road

Harvest moon ahead
Fresh clover, had just been mowed

Pullin' up the driveway
His house was cool and dark

Turned off the headlights
and put it into park

The days dirty lunchbox
Made his way to that backdoor

She was standing there to meet him
With a look he's not seen before

Why does it lightening
Sometimes without the rain

Why does it hurt inside
Long before the pain

What he feels tonight
He's never felt before

"Down on his knees"
Curled up on the floor

Hey baby....was all she said
As the tears ran down her face

She said...I can't do this anymore
I have to get out of this place

Bag's already in the car
There was nothin' he could say

Beginning of their ending
He knew she wouldn't stay

Sitin' in the dark
Tryin' to think of reasons why

She left without a warnin'
Now only memories to clarify


Music Solo Here


Well, he took the long way home
Down that ole black-top road

Now he's "down on his knees"
Curled up on the floor

Curled up on the floor

Copyright 2005 (All rights reserved)
Marshall/Peery Publishing (ASCAP)

Lyrics Kevin W. Peery & Kenny Marshall (ASCAP) Music PMG (Nashville)
Producer Kenny Marshall & Kevin W. Peery (ASCAP) Publisher Marshall/Peery Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance PMG (Nashville) Label Marshall/Peery

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