Happy Today

Song Description

Just an optimistic, upbeat, swing tune about feeling happy.

Song Length 3:31 Genre Jazz - Swing, Jazz - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Cheerful Subject Happiness, Excitement
Similar Artists Ella Fitzgerald Language English
Era 1940 - 1949


Happy Today
It's not surprising
The temperature's rising
The sun came out today

No sense concealin'
That I'm feelin' happy today

The birds are singin'
Church bells are ringin'
As if to proudly say
They share the feelin'
They're happy, I'm happy today

My heart's all a-flutter
I speak but I stutter
Do you feel those Butterflies too.

I'm in the pink
Though I can't sleep a wink
My dream are all comin' true
just can't stop thinkin' of you

It's intuition
A clear premonition
That words just can't convey
It's all so appealing
When you're feelin' happy today.

I'm only human
When flowers are bloomin'
I'll pick a huge bouquet.

Cause I'm revealin'
I'm just feelin' happy today.

I can't explain it
My heart can't contain it
As smooth as Mel Torme'
It's like champagne they say
This bubbly feeling.
That love may be on the way

Time after time
I'm so often reminded
That something is in the air
Why try to hide it
You can't fight fate
Ready and waiting
Your heart starts to celebrating

I've got this notion
A mix of emotions
I swoon, I swing, I sway
I'm rockin' and reelin'
Cause I'm feelin' happy today.

Lyrics Ken Morrison Music Mark Reiman
Producer Ken Morrison / David Pascal Publisher Morrison Music
Performance Gail Pettis Label None
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