Story Behind The Song

It doesn't matter which war - Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc...we never seem to learn that fighting doesn't solve the fundamental issues.

Song Description

Stream of consciousness lyric, contrasting the sort of silly things most people get hung up about with the very real plight of soldiers sent abroad to fight in dubious wars, and sadly perishing there.

Song Length 2:55 Genre Unique - General, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Infuriated Subject War, Protest
Similar Artists R.E.M., Bob Dylan Language English
Era 2000 and later


I was walkin' down the road one day
When I saw a girl in a Chevrolet
I said "Hey there babe! D'you wanna ride with me?
Let's go make some history!"
She said "What are you - some kind of nut?
Cos my door's stayin' firmly shut!"
I thought "Hey now man that's such a bummer
Cos she looked just like a page 3 stunna"
We're in Babylon

So I went on down to Route 66
Thinkin' that's the place to get a fix
I didn't get no laughs, I didn't learn no licks
But I got my ass severely kicked
Cos this cop came up from close behind
Said "Son, you were doin' over 95!"
I said "You can't book me, I'm a friend of Chuck!"
He said, "Listen son, I don't give a ..."
You're in Babylon

So I went on down to old Max's farm
I was lookin' to find me some peace and calm
But nothin' there was like before
Cos flying off to fight some war
Were bomber planes and fighter planes
Loaded up all in God's name
And I watched them fly off in the sky
Thinkin' "It's some sucker's turn to die!"
So I came back home to the rain and snow
There was nowhere else I could think to go
And I went to bed and I had a dream
That the world was made of soft ice cream
And West was East and East was West
And no-one cared who was the best
And the hanging gardens didn't have no rope
And Allah came and kissed the pope
And everybody just got along
And nobody was right or wrong
In North Korea, Vietnam, Israel and Afghanistan
And then I woke up sad to find
That another British soldier died...

Lyrics Keith Forrest Music Keith Forrest
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Performance Keith Forrest Label N/A
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