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world events

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the word people to me,means of the same kind or one of a kind.

Song Length 4:13 Genre World - Reggae/Caribbean, World - General
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful, Jovial Subject Courage, General
Language English Era 2000 and later



Out of many one people,out of many one people
Verse 1

People,say we've got problems,we've got problems i say,people
dont you know we can slove them,yes we can slove them,solve
them to day
your neibour is your neibour, whatever is his colour,treat him like a
brother and your life will be better.

A nation that's united can never be defeated,a nation devided
will never united,no ,no ,no,i say people say we've got problems
we've got problems i say, people dont you know we can slove
them ,yes we can solve them solved them and be on our way
one God one nation be a part of creation,one God one
nation be apart of creation

A nation thats united can never be defeated, a nation thats devided
can never be united i say, i say,people dont you know we've got problems,say we've got problems,i say,people dont you know we
can solve them,we can solve them,solve then and be on our way

One God one nation,be apart of creation,One God one nation
be a part of creation.
I,say i,say i,say,People,yea,yea,are you ready,yea,yea,what
are you gonna do,yea,yea,i,say people,people,people

Out of many one people(Jamaica Motto).

Lyrics People original;Daniel Samuels;Kasha;Comfetanyah Music Daniel Samuels; Guitar, Alan Wrench Kasha ;Comfetanyah
Producer Daniel Samuels;Kasha ;Comfetanyah Publisher Daniel Samuels
Performance Daniel Samuels: Kasha:comfetanyah Label Comfetanyah Records
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