Story Behind The Song

My own journey of self-exploration is the best topic for writing songs. I gather wisdom and inspiration from life itself and Mirror is a song I wrote about the relationship I have with myself, my struggles and my ability to survive.

Song Description

There is one thing for certain. We are the only one we can truly count on to be there for our entire lifes journey. People come and go, relationships change, people die and people change. The only constant is the relationship we have with ourselves. I

Song Length 4:04 Genre New Age - Alternative, World - Celtic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Engaging Subject Life, Will
Similar Artists Sarah Mclachlan, Tori Amos Language English
Era 2000 and later


Who is the woman
I see in the mirror
She?s been with me so long
Her face is so clear to me

Hai Hai Yai, Hai, Hai, Yai?.

I remember the little girl
How she was crucified
Put through the test to see
If she would survive

Hai, Hai Yai, Hai Hai, Yai?

Who is the woman
I see in the mirror
Her face growing older
Year after year.

Hai, Hai Yai, Hai Hai, Yai?

Lyrics Kaleah Music Kaleah
Producer Kaleah Publisher Kaleah
Performance Kaleah Label Firedance Records

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