These 4 Walls (Remain)

Song Length 5:13 Genre Blues - Modern
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Endearing
Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Relationship Similar Artists Tori Amos
Language English Era 2000 and later


You are the One
You're the One to spur me on
My conduit companion

When I don't want to sing the tune
You're here to hold me hand
You're here to shake me senseless
So I don't lose my essence

When I'm a terror
With angst running through my wires
When I brick up my body
My shield
With my fires

You stand beside
Wait or plate it up to me

And I can shout
And I can scream
And I can cry the house down
But you'll still stay
You still remain
You hold me with a stare
You hold me

One each One
It's a see-saw effect
It's a balancing game
And when we are
We're in harmony

These four walls can make you think
Can make it stink
But we persist
Coz we insist
Along the way
With these friends
We will make it work

Do you know what it's like to be in love
It's an act of faith
Where God steps in and makes you work
There are times for tears and times for bruises
They're there to heal
That touch of electric
To shiver and cleanse
To take all those tears away

When your lover's your bestfriend
And your bestfriend your lover
Hand in hand you march
To a different melody
But it's the same song

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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