6th Street Regrets

Story Behind The Song

Greg Jaknunas writes: "This is a song I wrote after a work trip to Austin, TX. I was really looking forward to the trip, but had a head cold before I left. The first leg of the flight, the pressure was so bad that I actually went deaf. This continued the entire week I was there, so I was sick, not sleeping (I probably got about 6 hours of sleep in a week), and generally not having a good time. To top it off, all I heard musically were these cruddy cover bands in the bars, all playing Mustang Sally. Just about drove me crazy. Anyway, I got home, felt better the following day and this song came out. It is the first that I wrote all on keyboards, then added guitar after the fact. I like the mellow keys, sweet guitar sound and then the loud bit at the end, which kind of reminds me of the cure. Btw, 6th Street is the main drag in downtown Austin. Historic buildings but all holding bad bars and tattoo parlours. I can't figure out if the title refers to my regrets, or that of the street..."

Song Length 4:33 Genre Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Moving Subject Regret
Language English Era 2000 and later


Another audience of one
Wonder why you even bother
Cut your losses, cut the strings
But never stop hoping

Your diatribe or your consensus
Depends on what the point is
That line is always blurred
You've already checked out

But there's grace beneath this heartache
There's grace, it takes light to make a shadow
There's grace, make yourself so vulnerable
There's still grace, yeah

There's grace, when you put out more than you can give
It comes back when you least expect
That seed must have been planted
On 6th Street walking around half deaf

Your sad predicament
You still take the reins
All you wanted
Was to find a way to live

With no regrets

Lyrics Julie Larocque Music Greg Jaknunas
Producer Jason Jaknunas Publisher NAMAJI
Performance Julie Larocque and Greg Jaknunas Label NAMAJI
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